Thursday, September 15, 2011

Men of faith, it’s time to stand up and live with a purpose

I’ve been thinking about something this week, trying to figure out how to put to paper the thoughts in my head. I then read a blog from a fellow kidmin worker halfway across the country, pondering the same thing, and began to wonder if maybe there is a reason God is putting the same thing on the hearts of men around the country. The best way I can think of to summarize is this: men of faith, it’s time to stand up and live with a purpose.

Last night, as my local Awana club kicked off the new club year, I was struck anew with the awesome responsibility God has given me, and others in ministry. There were 42 children and 14 leaders looking to me for guidance and training. Including some regulars from last year that I expect to return, nearly 70 people are watching me every week, watching to see if I live what I say I believe, looking to see how a man of faith is support to live. More importantly, they are looking for a reason to live godly lives instead of following the crowd. That is a humbling, terrifying, and awesome realization, and it’s a task I will never fully live up to this side of Heaven.