Friday, August 9, 2013

Turning a NAS into a Halfway Decent Media Server

A while back, I bought a Seagate “FreeAgent GoFlex Home” network-attached storage (NAS) device - essentially a hard drive with a network port that does not need to be connected to a computer. I had two goals in mind: my digital music collection had outgrown the old PC I use for that purpose, and backups of my various home PCs were a haphazard mess. I could have spent several hundred dollars on a new computer to serve this purpose, but I thought I'd try something new and try my luck with a ~$150 NAS device.

Whois David?

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I have spent the better part of two decades in information technology and security, with roots in application developer support, system administration, and network security. My specialty is cyber threat intelligence - software vulnerabilities and patching, malware, social networking risks, etc. In particular, I strive to write about complex cyber topics in a way that can be understood by those outside the infosec industry.

Why do I do this? A common comment I get from friends and family is that complex security topics give them headaches. They want to know in simple terms how to stay safe in a connected world. Folks like me and my peers have chosen to make a profession out of hacking and defending. I've been doing this for the better part of two decades, and so have a high degree of knowledge in the field. Others have chosen different paths - paths where I would be lost. This is my effort to share my knowledge with those that are experts in something else.

When not in front of a digital screen, I spend my time raising five rambunctious teens and pre-teens - including two sets of twins. Our family enjoys archery, raising show and meat rabbits, and simply enjoying life in the Texas hill country.

For a decade I served as either Commander or a division leader for the Awana Club in Dripping Springs, Texas; while I have retired from that role I continue to have a passion for children's ministry. At the moment I teach 1st through 3rd grade Sunday School. Follow FBC Dripping Springs Kids to see what is going on in our children's ministries.