Thursday, June 2, 2011

Don’t let your kids read this post!

I received a forwarded email this week, warning parents of a book supposedly pushed by Oprah, marketed through Scholastic Book Club, and otherwise targeted at kids. The book supposedly had been condemned by at least one well-known and well-respected Christian pastor. The book is written as a friendly dialogue between an inquisitive soul and God Himself, with God giving very politically-correct (and unbiblical) answers to questions on such topics as sin, homosexuality, marriage, etc.

I had seen this particular email a few years ago – and yet it still claimed to be new and urgent. One fault of emailed rumors is there is frequently no "timestamp" - something said to have occurred "last week" might have been years (or even decades) in the past. I have occasionally seen emailed requests to contact my congressmen about a petition to ban all religious programming on television and radio, a petition that was taken out of context – and that was turned down in 1975!